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Current and recent members of Ultra-red include:

Elizabeth Blaney joined Ultra-red in 1997 with STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENTS and is an organiser with the tenant rights organisation Union de Vecinos in East LA. Founded by residents resisting the demolition of public housing, today, Union de Vecinos consists of over two-dozen neighborhood committees. As a video artist, Blaney contributed to Ultra-red's IMPERIAL BEACH (2001). She has toured Europe extensively with "Trabajo y Días" and participated in THE DEBT, a yearlong investigation into public housing in Dublin, Ireland. Blaney co-produced the 2006 sound installation PLAZA MARIACHI for the Mexico City exhibition Oasis Sonoro.

Manuela Bojadzijev first collaborated with Ultra-red for the PLAY KANAK ATTAK project at Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt in 2001 and later joined Ultra-red touring sound festivals and leading the 2005 investigation in Serbia, BLOK 70. Bojadzijev participated in WE COME FROM YOUR FUTURE presented at Tate Britain in June 2008. She was a co-founder of the anti-racist migratory network Kanak Attak and participates in various anti-racist movements in Germany and across Europe. She has been a Lecturer in sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London and City University, London and is the author of Die windige Internationale: Rassismus und Kämpfe der Migration (2007).

Pablo Garcia has been a member of Ultra-red since 1999. In addition to his sound and music work, Garcia is also an organiser of community-based education in Los Angeles with Woodcraft Rangers of America where he collaborates with 500 activists in facilitating inquiry-based projects in public schools. A veteran of LA's alternative music scene, Garcia has toured extensively and contributed to numerous Ultra-red audio projects including FS59: AN OTOBIOGRAPHY (2000), PLAY LOS JORNALEROS DEL NORTE (2004), and THE DEBT (2005).

Janna Graham first collaborated on the Ultra-red project ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION at Art Metropole, Toronto in 2005. She has been active in the group's AIDS activist project SILENT|LISTEN, particularly Ultra-red's events around the XVI International AIDS Conference in August 2006. Graham has initiated a number of radical pedagogy projects combining popular education, action research and the arts. That work continues with Graham's involvement in Ultra-red projects like RURAL INTAVENSHAN based in Torbay and WE COME FROM YOUR FUTURE, presented at Tate Britain in 2008. She is a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths University in the programme of Visual Culture.

Chris Jones first collaborated with Ultra-red for THE CARDEW OBJECT and RE:ASSEMBLY Civis Sum investigations in 2009. From 2010-2011 he worked extensively on the WHAT IS THE SOUND OF COMMUNITY ACTION? project in Dundee and WHAT IS THE SOUND OF THE BORDER? in Glasgow, Scotland along with Elliot Perkins. Jones is a founding collective member of the long-term radical social centre and archive 56a Infoshop in London and a writer and researcher within the Southwark Notes anti-gentrification website and active research group.

Elliot Perkins gained acclaim for his electronic music as Phonem on Morr Music. In 2002, Perkins received support from the Arts Council's International Artists Fellowships Programme for his collaboration with Shahidul Alam, founder of the media activist organisation DRIK. Combining Perkins's sound work with Alam's photography, EURODAC EXPRESS investigated the experience of migrants making their way from Bangladesh to England. Perkins first collaborated with Ultra-red in 2005 on BLOK 70 and is presently a member of the Ultra-red project RURAL INTAVENSHAN based in Torbay where Perkins is a field organiser for the Rural Racism Project.

Dont Rhine co-founded Ultra-red in 1994. As an activist, Rhine has worked with a variety of social movements including ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), Clean Needles Now (needle exchange), and Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project. Artist, composer and writer, Rhine curates Ultra-red's online fair-use record label, Public Record. He has lectured extensively at art schools across the U.S. and Europe and has been a visiting faculty member at Vermont College of Fine Art. He was also a 2007 recipient of a California Community Foundation Mid-Career Artist Award.

Robert Sember joined Ultra-red for SILENT|LISTEN in 2005. Over the past fifteen years he has contributed to ethnographic research and policy analysis related to HIV/AIDS and other public health concerns in the United States, South Africa and Brazil. Sember brings a background in performance studies to his research and his collaborations with artists and curators around the world. He has taught in the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, the School of the Arts at the University of California in Los Angeles and at the University of Amsterdam?s International School for Humanities and Social Sciences. He is a 2009-2010 fellow with the Vera List Center for Art and Politics at the New School in New York.

Leonardo Vilchis began working with Ultra-red in 1997 with STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENTS. In addition to serving as Executive Director of Union de Vecinos, Vilchis has been an activist with the Sanctuary Movement and migrant struggles in Southern California and Mexico. As a video and sound artist, Vilchis drew on his experiences as a migrant and organiser for Ultra-red's performances of "Trabajo y Días." His knowledge of popular education and Liberation Theology has contributed to numerous Ultra-red projects that look at the intersection of cultural action and organising, including IMPERIAL BEACH (2001), THE DEBT (2003), and PLAZA MARIACHI (2006).