re/developing the new urbanism

This project (1997 - 1999) began as an inquiry into the impact of neoliberal economic policies on low-income residents in Los Angeles, specifically, the residents of public housing in East LA’s Pico Aliso and Aliso Village. Working with the Union de Vecinos, an organization of public housing residents fighting for just and democratic housing policy, Ultra-red have produced projects such as the four hour radio program, “Gateway to Los Angeles” for the Nottingham, England festival NOWninety8. Other projects include the radio broadcast, “Geography of Exchange,” a collaboration with Susan Otto presented in Auckland, New Zealand as part of the international audio arts festival, SoundCulture 99.

ps/o3.a. structuraladjustmentsajustesestructurales
ps/o3.b. plandeausteridadausteritymeasures
ps/o3.c. desarrollossosteniblessustainabledevelopments
ps/o3.d. thedebt(archivelog)