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12.06 THE MINUTES, MP3 album, Public Record, Los Angeles.
09.06 AN ARCHIVE OF SILENCE, MP3 album, Public Record.
06.06 BLOK70, MP3 album, Public Record, (Co-release with EGOBOO.bits, Zagreb, Croatia).
05.05 THE DEBT, MP3 album, Public Record.
02.05 ULTRA-RED PLAY KANAK ATTAK, MP3 album, Public Record (Co-release with EGOBOO.bits).
10.04 ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION, MP3 album, Public Record.
01.00 STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENTS, CD, Mille Plateaux, Frankfurt, Germany.

07.06 BLOK70:TRANSLATIONS, MP3 EP, Public Record (Co-release with EGOBOO.bits).
03.05 MOVEMENT FOR AIRPORTS, MP3 EP, Public Record (Co-release with EGOBOO.bits).
11.03 IMPERIAL BEACH, vinyl EP, Soundslike, London.
03.03 AMNISTÍA, CD EP, Antiopic Records, New York.
02.02 A16, Ultra-red vs. Anna Planeta vinyl split 12", FatCat Records, Brighton, England.
01.02 LA ECONOMÍA NUEVA, 3" CD, FatCat Records.
01.01 PLAN DE AUSTERIDAD, vinyl EP, remixes of STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENTS, Beta Bodega.
10.00 FS59: AN OTOBIOGRAPHY (SOCIAL FACTORY NO. 2), CD EP, True Classical, Los Angeles.
07.98 ODE TO JOHNNY RIO, vinyl EP, Comatonse Records, Oakland, California.

11.08 "En La Frontera", FIFTEEN SOUNDS OF THE WAR ON THE POOR, VOL. I, MP3 EP, Public Record.
02.06 "Break 'Dis", A SILENCE BROKEN, MP3 album, Public Record.
11.04 "Neue Wirtschaft (Freedom of Movement)", CLICKS + CUTS 4, CD, Mille Plateaux.
03.04 "A16", SPLIT SERIES COMPILATION 2, CD, FatCat Records, Brighton, England.
12.03 "Ghetto Express", AVANTOSCORE 2003, CD, Avanto, Helsinki, Finland.
11.03 "N30.4", BELOW CODE, CD, Comatonse Records, Japan.
04.03 "Neue Wirtschaft (Response from Residents I)", FREQUENCIES [HZ], CD, Raster Music, Berlin.
04.03 "Conducting Bodies", BANANA REPUBLIC VOL. 3, CD, Rice + Beans, Miami.
01.00 "(Esta gran humanidad ha dicho) ¡ya basta!", CLICKS + CUTS, CD, Mille Plateaux.
03.99 "Esperanza (en la frontera)," MODULATION & TRANSFORMATION 4, CD, Mille Plateaux.

05.05 FAX, "Cerca (F15 Capital Fax Mix)," remix by Ultra-red, Static Discos, Mexico.
09.02 Random Inc, WALKING IN JERUSALEM, CD remix by Ultra-red, Mille Plateaux.
07.00 A16, two-track CDR, self-produced.
04.00 N30, four-track CDR, self-produced.
03.98 Terre Thaemlitz, "Still Life with Numerical Analysis," 12" remixes by Ultra-red, Mille Plateaux.
06.97 GUESS WORK, six-track audio-cassette, self-produced.
05.96 SOUNDTRACKS, four-track audio-cassette, self-produced.

11.08 Jack Tactic, "Do You Love What You Feel", FIFTEEN SOUNDS, MP3 EP, Public Record.
11.06 Union de Vecinos, PLAZA MARIACHI, MP3 album, Public Record, Los Angeles.
02.06 Jack Tactic, "Can't Fake The Feeling", A SILENCE BROKEN, MP3 album, Public Record.
11.04 Sony Mao, PLAY ULTRA-RED, Public Record.
10.04 ULTRA-RED PRESENTS (JACK) (TACTIC), vinyl EP, Bottrop-Boy, Berlin.
07.98 Ultra-red, "Cruise Control (Griffith Park Jam)" remix by Local 303, ODE TO JOHNNY RIO, vinyl EP, Comatonse Records, Oakland, California.

03.07 Artist In Residency, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, Studio for Interrelated Media.
04.06 Artist in Residency, School of Art and Design, Southern Illinois Univ., Carbondale.
2003 Awarded Commission, Breaking Ground / Ballymun Regeneration Ltd. / Department of the Environment, Dublin, Ireland.
04.02 Commissioned radio series, Hessischer Rundfunk Hr2, Frankfurt, Germany.
11.01 Commissioned video, Futuresonic Media Arts Festival, Manchester, UK.
10.98 Commissioned radio series, NOWninety8 Arts Festival, Nottingham, UK, Curator: Andrew Chetty.

09.07 15 SOUNDS OF THE WAR ON THE POOR), Ctrl Alt Del Radio, Instanbul, Turkey, Curator: NOMAD.
07.07 UNTITLED (FOR SEVEN SOLO VOICES), LAXART, Los Angeles, Curator: Tim Ivison.
10.06 SOUND OF THE WAR ON THE POOR, …RF Kunstradio, Vienna, Curator: Elisabeth Zimmermann.
01.05 IMPERIAL BEACH, screening, play_gallery for still & motion pictures, Berlin, Curator: Marco Scotini.
04.04 ECONOMY: NEUE WIRTSCHAFT, radio broadcast, Hessischer Rundfunk Hr2, Frankfurt.
12.03 "Interior Designs", internet-only MP3 exhibition, Allegorical Power, Antiopic, New York.
09.03 THE DEBT RADIO, Open Radio Festival, Barcelona, Curator: Olivier Schulbaum and CCCB.
Sum.03 THE DEBT RADIO, broadcast series, KillRadio.org, Los Angeles.
07.03 "Red Light", internet-only MP3 exhibition, Allegorical Power, Antiopic, New York.
04.02 NEUE WIRTSCHAFT, radio series, Hessischer Rundfunk Hr2, Frankfurt, Germany.
11.01 IMPERIAL BEACH, video, Futuresonic Media Arts Festival, Manchester, UK.
09.01 N30, 3rd Int'l Performance Festival, Odense, Denmark, Curators: Jacob Fabricius & Tommy Lund.
12.00 VALUE SYSTEM, Art Image: Film/Arch. Biennial, Graz, Austria, Curator: Francesca Ferguson.
11.00 TOLL FREE (AMNISTÍA), Public Invention and Intervention, Chicago, Curator: Temporary Services.
09.00 AMNISTÍA, Borderhack, Tijuana, Mexico, Curator: Laboratorios Cinem‡tik.
08.99 ARCHITECTURE VERSUS HOUSING, Space Frame, Copenhagen, Denmark, Curator: N55.
03.99 GEOGRAPHY OF EXCHANGE, radio broadcast, with Susan Otto, SoundCulture 99 International Sound Arts Festival, Access Radio 810AM, Auckland, New Zealand.
10.98 GATEWAY TO LA, series, NOWninety8 NOWfm 107.6, Nottingham, UK, Curator: Andrew Chetty.
10.97 SECOND NATURE, Vienna WebRadio, Vienna, Austria, Curator: Knut sdam.
fall.96 SOUNDTRACKS, Short Circuits Radio Festival, CIUT 89.5FM, Toronto, Curator: Neil A. Wiernik.
09.96 SANE, The 9th Dimension Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark, Curator: Jonas Maria Schul.
08.94 CLEAN CUT, KUCI, Irvine, California.

06.08 WE COME FROM YOUR FUTURE, Triennial: Prologue, Tate Britain, London, Curator: Nicolas Bourriaud.
11.07 UNTITLED (FOR SMALL ENSEMBLE), Tránsito(ry) Público, FarmLab, Los Angeles.
06.07 ENCUENTRO, Sonic Arts Network Expo, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, UK.
10.06 SOUND OF THE WAR ON THE POOR, Steirischer Herbst, Graz, Austria, Curator: Dictionary of War.
10.05 BLOK70, Periferas Festival, Huesca, Spain.
11.03 NEUE WIRTSCHAFT, Avanto Festival, Helsinki, Finland.
03.03 NEUE WIRTSCHAFT, POL Festival, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany.
02.03 NEUE WIRTSCHAFT, Club Transmediale, Berlin, Germany.
11.01 TRABAJO Y DIAS, Futuresonic, Manchester, UK.
11.01 TRABAJO Y DIAS, How to be an Obstacle, ICA, London.
06.01 TRABAJO Y DIAS, Sonar 2001, Barcelona, Spain.
06.01 TRABAJO Y DIAS, Squatters Festival, Museum Serralves, Porto, Portugal.
09.99 TRANUAL LABOR, Steirischer Herbst, Graz, Austria, Curator: Christoph Gurk.
04.96 SOUNDTRACKS, Foreningen UPDATE, Copenhagen, Denmark.

(see also international festival performances)
05.08 UNTITLED (FOR LARGE ENSEMBLE), School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
09.07 BASS COMMUNITY TOUR 2007, The Bit on the Side Arts Centre, Paignton, UK; Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth; Exeter Phoenix Arts & Media, Exeter; Vino E Cucina, Bridgwater.
11.06 ENCUENTRO, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
10.06 ENCUENTRO, WUK | Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria.
08.06 SILENT|LISTEN, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada.
04.06 SILENT|LISTEN, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois.
04.06 SILENT|LISTEN (THE MINUTES), Big Muddy Independent Media Center, Carbondale, Illinois.
04.06 SILENT|LISTEN, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.
04.06 ENCUENTRO, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles.
12.05 SILENT|LISTEN (THE MINUTES), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.
11.05 SILENT|LISTEN, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
10.05 BLOK70 TOUR 2005, Museum Serralves, Porto, Portugal; General Public, Berlin; Projekt Migration, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Köln, Curator: Marion Von Osten.
06.05 SILENT|LISTEN, Walter Philips Gallery, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada.
05.05 SILENT|LISTEN, Armand Hammer Art Museum, University of California Los Angeles.
04.05 SILENT|LISTEN, The Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland.
04.05 ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION, Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada.
08.04 (JACK) (TACTIC), Seminar in Experimental Critical Theory, University of California, Irvine.
06.04 TRANSISTORS TOUR 2004, Podewil, Berlin, Germany; Kiberpipe, Ljubljana, Slovenia; MAMA, Zagreb, Croatia; Media Centar, Sarajevo, Bosnia; SKC, Belgrade, Serbia.
10.03 THE DEBT, w/ Ballymun WomenÕs Resource Center, Axis Arts Center, Dublin, Ireland.
09.03 THE DEBT, w/ Ballymun WomenÕs Resource Center, UCLA Labor Center, Los Angeles.
11.02 TRABAJO Y DIAS, w/ Los Jornaleros del Norte, 8th LA Freewaves Independent Video and New Media Festival, Self-Help Graphics, Los Angeles.
10.02 EARFUL OF MEMORIES: READING BOYLE HEIGHTS, w/ Union de Vecinos, Boyle Heights: The Power of Place, Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles.
10.01 TRABAJO Y DIAS, Progressive LA Network, California Science Center, LA.
05.01 TRABAJO Y DIAS, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Cellspace.
10.99 MILLE PLATEAUX EUROPEAN TOUR 1999, Rote Fabrik, Zürich, Switzerland; KW Kaserne, Basel, Switzerland; Städel, Frankfurt, Germany; Volksbühne, Berlin, Germany.
07.99 CONCRETE PROJECTIONS, w/ Valerie Tevere and Union de Vecinos, Pico Aliso Housing, LA.
05.99 STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENTS, w/ Valerie Tevere and Union de Vecinos, FAR Sonopticon, LA.
09.98 REALTY BUS TOUR, w/ Public Works Administration, Union de Vecinos, 6th LA Freewaves Festival.
09.97 CURBED BEHAVIORS, SaFARi, Old LA Zoo, Los Angeles.
10.94 THROWING VOICES, Gay Writers' Series, Different Light Bookstore, West Hollywood.
08.94 Where the sidewalk ends, Los Angeles Crest National Forest.
05.94 HOW TO SERVE MAN, FAR Bazaar, Brewery Arts Colony, Los Angeles.

09.08 SILENT|LISTEN (THE RECORD), KwaZulu-Natal Society of Arts, Durban, ZA, Curator: Brenton Maart.
09.07 DUB GRAMMAR (WORKS ON PAPER), Plymouth Art Centre, Plymouth, UK, Curator: Paula Orrell.
08.06 SILENT|LISTEN (THE RECORD), Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada, Curator: Michelle Jacques.
10.97 ¿GUESS WORK?, w/ Valerie Tevere, Action Space, Los Angeles, Curator: Voychek Szaszor.

12.08 UNTITLED (FOR VOICE), Nobel Prize, KHM Gallery, UKS Galleri, Oslo, Curator: Lucky Kitchen.
10.08 PUBLIC RECORD, Floteson, KHM Gallery, Malmš, Sweden, Curator: Jens Maier-Rothe.
02.08 UNTITLED (FOR SIX VOICES), Make Art Stop AIDS, Fowler Museum, LA. 10.07 Oasis Sonoro / Sound Oasis, Cal State University, Long Beach, Curators: Francisco Rivero-Lake.
06.07 SILENT|LISTEN (THE MINUTES), Ruidos, Silencios y la Transgresion Mordaz, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Curator: Alberto Flores.
10.06 ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION, Ear Appeal, Kunsthalle Exnergasse Vienna, Curator: Doreen Mende. 06.06 Oasis Sonoro / Sound Oasis, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City, Curators: Francisco Rivero-Lake, Andrew Chetty, and JosŽ Wolffer.
04.05 UNTITLED, Sound Politics, Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland, Curator: Chris Gilbert.
01.05 SECOND NATURE V.03, Lateral Slip, UC Riverside, Sweeney Art Gallery, Curator: Jan Tumlir.
12.03 AMNISTÍA, Why Work?/¡Amnistia!/Civic, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin, Curator: Søren Andreasen.
03.03 N30, (Sonic) Square 7, Brussels, Belgium, Curator: Herman Asselberghs.
02.03 N30, SoundArt @ Transmediale, Podewil, Berlin, Germany, Curator: Elke Moltrecht.
05.02 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENTS, Democracy When?, LACE, Curator: Tone O. Nielsen.
02.02 IMPERIAL BEACH, Frequencies, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, Curator: Jesper Jørgensen.
01.02 N30, Violence is at the Margins of All Things, Vienna Generali, Curators: Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann.
04.00 DISLOCATING HOUSING, w/ Valerie Tevere and Union de Vecinos, Nonzero Sum Games, Gene Genies Worldwide Gallery, Los Angeles, Curator: Liz Harvey.
02.98 STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT, w/ Public Works Administration, Without Alarm II, former Lincoln Heights Los Angeles Jail, Curator: Arroyo Arts Collective.
09.97 SECOND NATURE V.02, SaFARi, Old LA Zoo, Curator: Foundation for Art Resources.
04.96 SOUNDTRACKS V.02, Without Alarm, former Lincoln Heights Jail, Curator: Arroyo Arts Collective.
09.95 SECOND NATURE V.01, Strange Fruit, LACPS, Hollywood, Curator: Ming-Yuen S. Ma.
01.95 SOUNDTRACKS V.01, Persistent Dispositions, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, Curators: Ming-Yuen S. Ma and Tran T. Kim-Trang.

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