ps/o7.a. neuewirtschaft
ps/o7 public citizen | surveying the future | networking migrant struggles

1. Movement for airports (2.00)
2. Message to the refugees (2.00)
3. Freedom of movement (2.00)
4. Question to the residents (2.00)
5. Responses from the residents 1 (2.00)
6. Responses from the residents 2 (2.00)
7. Proliferation of borders (2.00)
8. Border regime (2.00)

All tracks written and produced by Ultra-red. Tracks 1 through 7 originally produced in collaboration with Manfred Hess and Hessischer Rundfunk, hr2/Hörspiel. Track 5 was subsequently released on the compilation "Frequencies [HZ]" compilation, CD (Raster Music, 2003). Tracks 5 and 6 were also released as the track, "Responses (Border Regime)", on the album, Ultra-red Play Kanak Attak (Public Record, 2005).

In anticipation of their involvement in the 2002 sound art exhibition "Frequencies" at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, Germany, Ultra-red convened a series of meetings with activist groups in the city. The purpose of these meetings was to discuss analysis and organizing around issues of community, residency, citizenship and migration. The groups came from a range of politics from the IGL Housing Collective, Innenstadt Gruppe, No Borders and members of the anti-racist network, Kanak Attak. From these conversations, Ultra-red assembled a series of two-minute compositions which were broadcast on Hessischer Rundfunk state radio, hr2. In addition to excerpts from the conversations with activists, the project also features sounds recorded during a stop deportation protest at the Frankfurt Airport, 8 December 2001 - United Nations International Human Rights Day. Specifically, the protest targeted the German Government's contract with Lufthansa Airlines for the detention and deportation of refugees.

Special thanks to all the activists and organizers who participated in this project. Thanks also to "Frequencies" curator Jesper Jørgensen, Blazenka Perica of the Schirn Kunsthalle and, from hr2, Manfred Hess. "Neue Wirtschaft" was a co-production between Ultra-red and the Hšrspiel and Dramaturgie Department at hr2.

For more information about anti-racist and immigrant rights organizing in Germany, go to: