pedagogy of the ear

From Ultra-red's earliest days, the group has pursued audio art projects that stage an exchange between conceptual art and social engagement. In 2001 this interrogation entered into the formal space of education. Beginning with a yearlong residency with the HeArt Project, Ultra-red tested its methodology in classrooms in Echo Park and Central Los Angeles. The experience proved insightful for students and for Ultra-red's own thinking about process and pedagogy.

School of Echoes is a long-term project designed to activate pedagogical spaces for development and dissemination of theory and practice in Militant Sound Investigation. The long-term goal of this project is the establishment of a cultural action institute for organizers, artists, and youth. Meanwhile, at the current phase in the project, Ultra-red members have sought to infiltrate art spaces and schools to explore the theoretical and practical traditions informing our notion of Militant Sound Investigation. In addition to classroom settings, Ultra-red has convened public meetings, titled "Encuentros," bringing together local artists, organizers and activists to explore how sound produces specific forms of knowledge that contribute to and challenge organizing strategies.

Drawing on historical precedents such as Popular Education, Militant Inquiry, Participatory Action Research, as well as Feminist and anti-colonial learning, School of Echoes imagines a practice of knowledge production that can stimulate an exchange between organizing and art.

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