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ultra-red social factory series
number 3

1. llegaron los Jornaleros
2. Ritmo Armado
3. Una Geórgica de Urbana
4. Nadie es Ilegal
5. Aprende el Sombrero Rojo
6. Trabajo y Días
7. Mejor Práctica
8. Illegaron!
9. Cuerpos que Conducen

Released on Public Record, September 2004

ultra-red play los jorneleros del norte originated in performance as trabajo y días and was presented on the following occasions: san francisco electronic music festival (cellblock, 050501), sonar festival (macba, barcelona, espa–a, 140601), squatters festival (auditório serralves, porto, portugal, 260601), progressive los angeles network conference (california science center, los angeles, 201001), how to make yourself an obstacle festival (ica, london, england, 101101), futuresonic (manchester, england, 180101), hessischer rundfunk hr2 radio (frankfurt, germany 0402), and la freewaves media arts festival (self help graphics, los angeles 111602).

written and produced by ultra-red. samples from songs by los jornaleros del norte used with kind permission. photographs by ultra-red. published by listmat 2004 (ascap).

foremost ultra-red would like to thank los jornaleros del norte (pablo alvarado, julio césar bautista, paula de la cruz, john garcia, omar garcia, jesus rivas, manuel ortiz, and omar sierra) for inviting us into their rehearsals with our microphones and video recorders. for more information or to order a copy the album cruzando fronteras by los jornaleros del norte write to c/o chirla, 1521 wilshire boulevard, los analges, ca 90017, or call 213-353-1336.

very special thanks to shannon noble for his contribution to the performance videos. thanks to the coalition for humane immigrant rights (chirla). thanks to all who made our own migratory labors a vital experience in the development of this project: john and steev with sfmf; oscar and gloria with sonar; pedro and cristina with funda¨io serralves; sandra for letting us crash the p.l.a.n. conference; andrew with the ica and, together with drew and kamal, with futuresonic; manfred hess at hr2 and the imcomparable anne bray with la freewaves. thanks to jesper and blazenka at the schirn, frankfurt for providing the resources to expand our work in solidarity with kanak attak.

thanks also to david and james at antiopic, dave howell at fat cat, terre thaemlitz at comatonse, steve and heather with true classical, libertad hernandez, kanak attak, carmen and walter mendoza, rudolfo castro, aeron y alejandra, jordi claramonte, and the union de vecinos. additional thanks to the outta' sight project (trang t. kim-tran, karen schwenkmeyer, stephen callis, linda kite, jim baker and triana silton) as well as the ucla community scholars program for providing spaces for preliminary research into the organizing of immigrant workers in los angeles.

"Here is the law, as Zeus established it for human beings; as for fish, and wild animals, and the flying birds, they feed on each other, since there is no idea of justice among them; but to men he gave justice, and she in the end is proved the best thing they have."
Hesiod, 8th Century BC, The Works and Days, trans. Richard Lattimore (University of Michigan, 1991: 51).

"A specter haunts the world and it is the specter of migration."
Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Empire, (Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2000: 213).

With this verse I leave you,
I'm tired of singing,
hoping the migra
won't come after us again,
because in the end,
we all have to work.

Omar Sierra, "Corrido de Industry" (1996).