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value system dispatch number 7

1. La Anti-antífona (5:20)
2. Movimiento II (4:29)
3. Movimiento III (5:24)
4.                         (0:29)

Splinter Series 3" CD (Fat Cat Records, January 2002)

"La economía nueva" is composed entirely from source recordings made at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, US / Mexico border, 10 December 2000 - United Nations International Human Rights Day. Sounds taken from demonstrations held that day in opposition to "Operation Gatekeeper." This massive militarization of the border between California and Baja California, Mexico, has had the practical effect of regulating the flow of cheap labor while capital and jobs freely cross the border thanks to official "free trade" policies such as NAFTA.

For more information about the struggle against "Operation Gatekeeper" and the militarization of the border go to: