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Esperanza (en la frontera)

"Modulation & Transformation 4" (Mille Plateaux, MP61, March 1999)

"Esperanza (en la frontera)" is composed from source material recorded in Tijuana, Mexico on 4 May 1997 and 26 December 1998. Specific locations include the US/Mexico border gate and, in the maquiladora zone, just outside the factories for Sanyo, Pioneer, Panasonic, JVC and Casio. Ultra-red dedicate "Esperanza (en la frontera)" to the Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers, a grass roots organization of Mexican and US labor activists struggling often at great personal risk for economic justice among Mexican workers suffering from the deplorable conditions of global capitalism. While the warriors of free trade advance an upward redistribution of wealth, workers in Tijuana's maquiladoras live along one of the world's most militarized borders. The Support Committee and the workers they mobilize are the torch-bearers of a new international solidarity fighting for democracy and justice.

For more information about organizing efforts in Mexico's maquiladora zone, check out the website for the Campaign for Labor Rights: